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dishevelled.org : 27 Aug 2017


dishevelled.org hosts Free and Open Source libraries for various user interface components and supporting code, with emphasis on views and editors for complex data structures, like collections, sets, lists, maps, graphs, and matrices.

Mailing List

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Several dishevelled.org projects have been released to the Maven Central Repository.
> http://search.maven.org/#search|ga|1|g%3A%22org.dishevelled%22


Algorithms and utility code for data analysis.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/analysis

High performance bit set implementations.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/bitset

Source code generation suite based on velocity templates that generates source code in several different styles.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/codegen

Runnable shell for the codegen library.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/codegen-shell

Collection and map utility classes.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/collect

Color schemes.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/color-scheme

Command line parser based on typed arguments.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/commandline

Compression utility classes.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/compress

Interfaces for curating collections quickly.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/curate

Resizeable container component with a label and an expand/collapse control.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/disclosure-triangle

Views for event lists.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/eventlist-view

Framework for evolutionary algorithms.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/evolve

Typed functor object interfaces.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/functor

Directed graph interface and implementation.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/graph

Directed graph readers and writers.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/graph-io

Bundles of variants for icon images.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/iconbundle

SVG icon bundle implementation.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/iconbundle-svg

Icon bundles and icon sizes for the Tango Project icon theme.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/iconbundle-tango

Lightweight components for identifiable beans.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/identify

Interpolation and easing functions.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/interpolate

Layout managers for lightweight components.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/layout

long-addressable bit and typed object matrix implementations.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/matrix

Matrix readers and writers.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/matrix-io

Non-blocking sparse matrix readers.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/matrix-io-nonblocking

Non-blocking matrix implementations.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/matrix-nonblocking

Multi-key map interfaces and implementation.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/multi-map

Observable decorators for collection and map interfaces.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/observable

Observable decorators for graph interfaces.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/observable-graph

Piccolo2D easing activities and supporting classes.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/piccolo-ease

Piccolo2D views for event lists.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/piccolo-eventlist-view

Piccolo2D nodes for identifiable beans.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/piccolo-identify

Piccolo2D particle system physics integration.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/piccolo-physics

Piccolo2D ribbon nodes and supporting classes.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/piccolo-ribbon

Piccolo2D sprite nodes and supporting classes.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/piccolo-sprite

Piccolo2D state machine sprite and supporting classes.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/piccolo-state-machine-sprite

Piccolo2D tile map nodes and supporting classes.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/piccolo-tilemap

Piccolo2D venn diagram nodes and supporting classes.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/piccolo-venn

Framework for particle swarm optimization algorithms.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/swarm

Timer class with nanosecond resolution and summary statistics on recorded elapsed times.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/timer

Lightweight components for venn diagrams.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/venn

Cytoscape plugin for venn diagrams.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/venn-cytoscape-plugin

Cytoscape3 app for venn and euler diagrams.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/venn-cytoscape3-app

Command line tools for venn diagrams.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/venn-tools

Weighted map interface and implementation.
> http://www.dishevelled.org/weighted



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